Hello everyone! I have narrowed our event dates to either 8/3 & 8/4 OR just 8/3 OR 8/4. I have also narrowed the venues down to 2 places; but am having difficulty getting to the people who manage their contracts. So, please bear with me, hoping to place a down payment and sign a contract by Monday, the 20th.

PLUS, we are going to have an amazing line up!!

My buddy TRON is going to be with us and present on the subject of ORBS, Margaret Rogers Van Coops will be telling us all about her contact experiences, hoping to get Jerry Wills to be with us, and I just received confirmation that a well known person, who has not spoken in the UFO community for quite some time (years!), is going to be with us!! It will be an amazing “back to the fold” presentation.

Stand by everyone, I promise this is going to be the mini event of the Summer!

Peace, Lorien Fenton

UFO mini CON starts in: