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UPDATE #1 – April 22, 2024:

Hello everyone! UFO mini CON will happen on October 12th in Petaluma, CA at The Cottages of Petaluma Clubhouse.

We will have 8 amazing speakers, 90% contactees, the bulk of which you have never heard of before or seen present on a stage – anywhere.

I plan to open the doors at 9:00am with our first speaker starting at 9:30am and ending around 9:00pm.

I suggest you make a day and night of it and get a hotel room. By July I’ll have blocks of rooms at a discount price at several hotels nearby. Stand by for that announcement.

Tickets go on sale 6/12/24 here on the website (a lucky double day!).

Peace, Lorien Fenton

2024 UFO mini CON starts in: